Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Word of the Year! STOP.

Once upon a time, I did New Year's resolutions like most other people.  And like most people, I'd broken them before January came to an end.  So, I started to purposefully pick resolutions I knew I could keep.  One year, I decided I would do a shot of tequila.  I like margaritas, and had never done a shot.  So, with Mr. Burhenn's help (he taught me how to do it one handed--hold the shotglass, lemon wedge between pointer finger and thumb, salt on the knuckle of your thumb.  Yep, one fluid motion.) I wrapped that up before January was over.  Yep, I was a winner!

Still, those easy resolutions didn't seem to really improve me.  I mean, yeah, I can handle a shot (although I'd rather sip a wine or beer, personally), but I don't know that it makes me a better person.

So, a few years back, I decided rather than any kind of resolution, I'd try for a word. One word to build my year around.

I've found this really works for me.  I've used words like Optimism, Moment, Awareness, Change...

The last few days I've been deciding on what word I want for 2013.  

Drum roll please...

I'm going with STOP.  

I'm going to use the word as a  reminder to myself to stop and find the glee every day.  To stop and take a breath.  To stop and look for those moments of wonder.  

There's always so much going on here.  I try and balance my family's needs and my writing.  I try to be there for people who need me.  As a pseudo-science geek, I can't help but think that an object in motion tends to stay in motion...unless some outside force acts on it.  Well, I want to be my outside force.  I want to stop the motion and simply appreciate...well, everything!

I hope you find your own resolution or word of the year.  And I wish you a very Happy New Year!!



  1. Happy New Year Hall! I'm so glad your word for the year wasn't knackered - or perhaps creamy pufy things!! My word for you is still lovely - so have a lovely year my lovely friend.
    Love Kate

  2. Kate, LOL I still use the word knackered on occasion, and I always think of you and smile! But the word I use the most when I think of you both is lovely as well! You are the loveliest of friends, and I hope the new year brings you nothing but joy!


  3. Holly--I think STOP is a great word but it's hard to imagine your even slowing down. Good luck.

  4. Jane,

    Slowing down, or stopping, it's tough for me. Even when I'm sitting and relaxing, I'm doing something...reading, or making a basket. So, this is a perfect exercise for me. Learning to stop and just be. Yoga's been very good for that. For one hour every week, I practice being...well, and doing the stretches, but even those are quiet and purposeful.

    And really, I can stop in small increments, appreciate and center myself...then I can go full-throttle again! LOL


  5. I like your word, too, Holly - and you will be reminded every time you are out driving. *G*

    Mine is ENJOY, since I need to work on a little bit of a daily attitude shift... I drift into the negative a little too easily, and it becomes a habit. Hope to turn that around a bit. They need to put up some "Enjoy" road signs, LOL.

    Happy New Year,


  6. Sam, Oh, wow, I think ENJOY signs would make the whole world a nicer place. Maybe a couple GLEE ones, too? It might make people smile a bit more often!!

    So, I hope you Enjoy your New Year!!