Monday, December 03, 2012

Old Blog, New Beginning

I ran this blog for couple years, but then got busy and let is slide.  But this month, I'm reopening it.  I finally figured out how to make the comment section work again, and I think I'm ready to go.

So, why start up again?  This month, I have a new release, EVERYTHING BUT A DOG.  It's a romance, the last book in the Everything But...series, though it totally stands on its own.  It is definitely a romance...a sweet humorous one.  And one of the characters in it starts a foundation that matches rescue dogs to their forever homes.  I've been talking to friends who work with various programs.  And I've talked to readers and friends who've rescued pets.  Some of these stories are just too long for Facebook and Twitter, but they're stories so worth telling!  I've been working on them today...sometimes laughing and sometimes crying.

Being able to showcase these amazing people and the animals they've helped...well, it's a great way to reopen the blog.

I look forward to sharing their stories with you!


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