Friday, December 14, 2012

Snookie, and Lilo, Pokey and Nanea!

To celebrate the release of Everything But a DogI'm talking to people who work with, or have adopted, rescue animals!
Today, I'm talking to a Snookie.  She's a lovely woman with a big heart.  I've been so very lucky to get to know her.  And so are the dogs in her story!

Here's a picture of Lilo (mostly black), Pokey and Nanea (lounging on chair).

The story of our strays...

About 10  or 11 yrs ago (want to say 2001) my sister in law was driving to work and saw a young dog on the side of the road.   No houses for miles.  She took the dog home with her and put up notices that she had the dog.  No one claimed her after a week and so my sister in law started looking for a home for her.  Our dog had died and we were looking for a new dog.  So we took her.  My son named her Lilo. 

About 2 yrs after that, my husband was working on Kaumana Drive.  It was early morning and there was a thunder storm happening.  As he drove into work, he saw a small young dog shivering in the cold rain.  He picked her up, dried her off with his t-shirt, put her in a box and gave her his peanut butter sandwich.  He kept checking on her all day long.  He brought her home and let the humane society know that he found a young dog.  He also put up notices along the road where he found her.  One person responded about a week later and came up to see her, but it wasn't their dog.  So we kept her and my husband named her  Pokey (as in Gumby and Pokey).

About 7 yrs ago, we went up to play in the snow on Mauna Kea.  The road to the tops was closed so we parked at the visitor center and my son and nephew when hiking.  They were hiking the silversword loop on Mauna Kea when they found a Britney Spaniel.  She had a tag with a phone number on it.  I called the number and got the owner.  The dog had been missing for 4 months and was lost over 20 miles away at about 4000 ft elevation.  She was found at around 9500 ft elevation.  The owner came and got her and was so happy that 6 months later he called my son and gave him a Britney Spaniel puppy.  I named him Nanea.  I know he wasn't a rescue dog, but he may have never been born if my son hadn't rescued his mom.



  1. Oh Snookie/Papaya ~ you have lovely dogs and a big heart.

  2. Kaelee, Wasn't that the sweetest stories! I'll tell you, working on these Dog Blogs has proven what I already knew...I have some of the most awesome friends ever!!