Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jane and the Rescue Farm

To celebrate the release of Everything But a Dog yesterday,
I'm talking to people who work with, or have adopted, rescue animals!

PS I just want to say happy 12/12/12!!

Holly:  It's not only people who rescue animals, sometimes other animals come to the rescue.  Jane owns a farm that's an animal magnet.  And on her farm, there's a very special cat.


When I had my farm I referred to it as a 'rescue farm'. Within months of purchasing the farm people started appearing at my door wanting to know if I would take in their animal for many different reasons. Some animals just appeared. I never turned any animal away. There was always 'room for one more'.

This story is about an adult cat and an unrelated kitten.

One day out of nowhere a very sad cat appeared. She was full of milk but there were no kittens. From the sad look on the mother cats face I knew someone had committed an inhumane act of cruelty.  I took the cat to the vet to make sure she was healthy just as I did with all the animals before I brought them into my home. Here was another mouth to feed. I named her Pi.

Within days, my roommate called from the golf course where she worked. One of the golfers had found a five or six week old kitten on the tenth hole. The kitten was much to young to walk out there. It was another inhumane act of cruelty. I knew this was going to be a challenge because it was so young. With a clean bill of health I brought the kitten into my home and named him Shelby. As it turned out Pi was happy to nurse it and raise it as her own. A very happy ending to all concerned.

Holly: Jane shared two more stories that broke my heart, but each animal got their happily ever after.

Jane: Another sad story with a happy ending.  A cat appeared at my door very scared. It was a tiger with dark spots. By all accounts it was feral. After a week or so it trusted me enough to let me pet it. In doing so I realized the dark spots were actually pieces of fur from another cat glued to its fur. It had belonged to someone. I couldn't imagine WHY someone would do something like that to an animal. The cat eventually trusted me enough to let me remove the pieces of fur and brush it. Not long after it was inside enjoying being part of a loving family. Named her Button. 

During the 20+ years I was on the farm I took in a lot of animals but these two stories make me shake my head and think WHY!!

A lady brought me a baby lamb one time. It had a blue bow around it's neck and she said she had washed it in Woolite before she brought it over. My roommates 5 yr old son befriended it. Went in to his room one day and found the little boy and the lamb on his bed. He said they were watching TV together. :)

So many stories.  

Holly:  And frankly, Jane, so many animals that found their forever homes thanks to your Rescue Farm! 

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