Tuesday, December 11, 2012

J. Paulette Forshey and Yvette

To celebrate the release of Everything But a Dog TODAY, I'm talking to people who work with, or have adopted, rescue animals!


Holly:  The thing about dogs is they aren't really just pets, they're part of our families.  Losing a dog can break your heart.  If you're really lucky, you get a second chance at love.  Yes, I know, that's a romance authory thing to say, but I write romance because I do believe in love...and in second chances.

Belle on the front porch 
Paulette:  In March of this year I lost my beloved Belle, a Jack Russell, she would have been ten in April. She and I were inseparable, wherever I went Belle went. When I did have to leave her behind I made sure one of our sons could come to the house and stay. My husband took us on a cruise in March, we left on Friday and on Monday I received an email from our son Belle had died.  Not being here for her haunted me the rest of the summer so many “what ifs” crowded my mind. I had trouble sleeping, eating, and writing, finally my husband told me to start the search for a new friend.

I’d always admired Papillons and began looking for one; a friend suggested looking into rescue dogs. I contacted a couple of the breeds rescue groups and searched the internet. After nearly being sucked into a couple of scams I was at my wits ends, and then a group in my state contacted me by email. They had a three year old female who’d been with them for several months. She’d been given up because she and the cat in the house didn’t get along.

 Yvette in her bed beside Paulette's chair
A member contacted me by phone that Yvette would soon be mine! We talked for a while about why Yvette was given up, how she may or may not have been pregnant when surrendered, and how she could be a bit of a barker. I shuddered at the pregnant mention and wondered what type of people she’d lived with before. What else had this poor dog been through?

Three weeks later we met at a local Pet Smart store to pick Yvette up. She was terrified when I held her and who could blame her, for her she was being abandoned one more time. All the way home she cuddled against me, I stroked her wonderful soft fur and told her she was going to a “forever” home.

I think she expected to be put in a crate or left on the floor when it was time for bed and was ecstatic when my hubby boosted her up on the bed. All night she’d sneak up and give us kisses.

We’ve had Yvette two months and she’s gaining more confidence each day. Yes, we have issues we’re working on, she’d afraid for me to leave her sight, not sure about car rides (I can only imagine she thinks each time is this when they’re going to get rid of me) and the barking thing. But we’ll get through them.

She sleeps with me, has her own spot on a chair beside my work area fixed up with a doggie bed and baby quilt, and goes with me whenever possible. Yvette and our Basset Hound get along well playing, sharing the sofa, and though they have separate feeding dishes still share.

Rescuing an “older” dog meant not having to go through all the puppy phases and at my age that was a relief.

Yvette wasn’t the only one rescued that day. I sleep better now, I’m more focused, I’m eating more healthy and I’ve attacked my writing with a vengeance. My husband says I laugh more, too.

I love my little "butterfly" dog.


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 J. Paulette Forshey/Genevieve Delacroix
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  1. Hi!
    We have a Papillon too. In fact, when we bought him in 2004, we also brought home his sister and she's been my step-daughter's dog all through college and then on into the world. Our dog, Zephyr, hates to be out of your sight, but fortunately he only barks when people come to the door or when he sees people out in front of the house. It's a good thing we live on a quiet street!
    My daughter's dog, Eine, lives with her in the big city in an apartment, and she's quite a barker. She's left at home during the day while her family is at work, but recently my daughter started working for a web design company that allows dogs to come to work, so Eine is happier now. She still barks quite a lot, but I think it comes from living in an apartment, because when she visits us, she quiets down after a couple of days.
    I'm so happy you found a dog. She sounds like a sweetheart. Those Papillons can really steal your heart, can't they?


    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Yvette stole mine the minute I looked into her eyes.

  2. Sheri, Both dogs sounds lovely! I'm so glad you, and your daughter, have them in your life!


  3. What a sweet story, Paulette. Thanks for featuring it, Holly!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to read it, Janet!