Sunday, October 22, 2017

Becoming Something New...My Novel Freshman Experience, Part17


Emerging as something new.

It's something I've touched on in my books and something I've experienced myself.  

We have so many ways to describe many hats we wear.  I've got a long list...daughter, wife, mother, writer, friend, sister, student, lactation consultant, basket weaver, cook, gardener, furniture refinisher...  LOL  It's always growing.

So many of you have been following my back-to-school adventures...I'm having so much fun adding potter to the list!  Thanks for joining me as I play with clay!  We had to do a narrative piece or a teapot for our final assignment.  I did both.  I thought about using a poem from Tolkien, but ended up using a quote from one of my own books.

Pip in Carry Her Heart talked about reinventing ourselves so beautifully, "Maybe we all repeatedly curl up in a chrysalis and emerge as something else."  She also said, "Maybe we live our lives constantly becoming and rebecoming. Maybe we’re always in the process of metamorphosing into something new."

That idea of becoming something new really resonates with me.  I'm in class with a bunch of young people.  I sometimes want to tell them that they're going to have an amazing adventure.  They'll learn so many marvelous things and become something new over and over again!  I don't.  I try to tone down my glee in the class (though when I said that, one of the kids assured me I leak glee and don't hide it well at all! LOL), but I hope they all discover something new about themselves over and over.  I know that I always keep growing.

I hope you all take a moment, curl up in a chrysalis and emerge as something new as well!  Thanks for joining me here in Hollyworld.  And if you haven't read Carry Her Heart and the Words of the Heart series, they're all on sale now!



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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Taking Chances...My Novel Freshman Experience, Part 16


I got  the last bit of my Hobbit Hole textured. The rocky cliff face, the fallen tree, and that bit of green is on lone tree clinging to the side of the cliff. I underglazed it.

All right, I'm asking everyone to keep my little Hobbit Hole/Book in their thoughts.  I'm so hoping nothing pops off when it's fired.  

As I finished this part of the project, I realized I made a ton of extra work for myself.  I could have picked a plain house.  One that was a few straight walls and maybe a tower.  But I chose this one.  There were a lot of joints, a lot of textures. I have a lot of hours in it.  And because of the technical aspects of it, I've got a higher than just-a-house chance of something going wrong when it's fired.  Maybe I didn't get all the air bubbles out and something's going to pop.  Maybe I didn't slip and score it well enough and a joints going to come undone.  I'm anxious.

I wondered if I should have gone for something simpler. 

And I almost immediately answered myself, no.  No I shouldn't have gone with the easy road.  Because even if my Hobbit Hole does pop something or crack, I learned a lot.  I've learned what NOT to do next time.  

Plus, it tells the story I was aching to tell.  It tells of a girl who grew up in books...who grew up in Middle Earth.  Even if my abilities and technical knowledge didn't quite keep up with my imagination, my dwelling tells that story.  

It's like that with my writing.  I've pushed myself in books and tried things. Sometimes they work out better than I'd hoped, sometimes I toss out an idea.  But all of them have forced my writing to grow.  I hope if you pick up an early book you read it and smile and think, this is nice.  But on the heels of that, you pick up something more recent, you think, wow...or at least, this is better!  LOL  When I started writing, I read some of one of my favorite author's early work...she had definitely grown.  I've held on to that!

I guess I'd rather stretch my wings and try for the heights, than plod along the safe route.

And yet another thing ceramics has taught—well, no, I already knew that from writing, so maybe reminded me?—that it's better to try and fail than to take avoid the risk of failure and stick to the beaten path.


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PPS Check out my PTA Moms video, then check out the series at Amazon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Day Late and a Bride Short

When I sent A Day Late and a Bride Short to my editor, she thought it was a marriage-of-convenience story.  It wasn't, but I said, "It will be."  I'd never thought about writing a book with that theme, but sometimes the things we don't expect are things we really enjoy and/or learn a lot from!

It's on sale now at Amazon!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

It's all about the story...My Novel Freshman Experience, Part 15


My Hobbit Hole is coming along.  I'm hoping all the pieces hold together when it's fired, but even if it explodes, I've learned so much doing this one.  I've played with a bunch of textures.  Stone, thatch, grass, bushes, trees, bricks, stucco...  I'm particularly pleased with the fallen tree in the back.  

I didn't plan on the tree, but I had that rocky outcrop at the back.  I was thinking about Bilbo and crew going through the mountains.  The paths were treacherous, there were obstacles at every turn.  That's the story I was telling with the fallen tree.  And for me, it's all about the story.

Maybe that's why I'm loving this class so much...because every piece I make is a story.  You might not see my story when you look at a piece, and that's okay.  You can bring your own story to it.  Because for me, it's all about the story...whether it's yours or mine.

I keep blogging about how art (even if what I'm doing might not quite qualify as art yet! LOL) and writing are connected.  This "dwelling" project really emphasizes that for me.  The last project is a narrative piece.  Stay tuned for more about that.  

By the way, thank you so much to all my new followers!  And thanks to everyone who's picked up one of my books, taken the time to write a review, or dropped me a note!


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PSS. Here's the new Once Upon a Time Video!!


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Back to School with the PTA Moms


Once Upon a Thanksgiving
I've been talking a lot about going back to school.  Thanks to everyone's who's been following my Freshman Novel Experience Blogs! 

My going back to school is timely, since my new series is out!  My PTA Mom trilogy introduces three single...uh, PTA moms.  Samantha, Michelle and Carly missed the first meeting of the year end up on the worst PTA committee and discover sometimes something really good can surprise you!

Single mom Samantha in Once Upon a Thanksgiving has kids...a lot of kids.  She has a demanding job.  She's working hard to regain her sense of optimism.  She's determined to find a new way to be happy.  She doesn't have time to plan the  PTA Thanksgiving Pageant...and she certainly doesn't have time for Harry, the kids new principal.  Of course, he's just an interim principal.  He'll be leaving soon.  Maybe he is just the kind of man she needs to date...a man with an expiration date.  But Samantha and Harry find out that love doesn't have a timetable. 


"If you're looking for a comfort book as the season gets busier and busier, you can't go wrong with Once Upon a Thanksgiving.... And, for those of us who are fans of Jacobs, it's wonderful to discover this is the first in her new holiday series." ~Lesa Holstine in USA Today

"Beyond delivering a compelling read, or the first in an inventive series about parenting, Holly Jacobs earns her kudos by seriously dealing with the difficulties of divorce on children and parents." ~ RT Bookclub

I hope you enjoy Samantha's story and that you watch for Michelle's story, Once Upon a Christmas in November and Carly's story, Once Upon a Valentine's in January!


Once Upon a Valentine's
Once Upon a Christmas

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Come Back to School with me!

It's fall break so the campus is empty!  I went up to school last night and started cutting out pieces for my next project...a house.  But while I was all alone in the studio, I made you all a video.  Come back to school with me!!

When you're done, go back to school with my three PTA Moms,
Samantha in Once Upon a Thanksgiving,
Michelle in Once Upon a Christmas


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Novel Freshman Experience, Part 14...Leave Room

Our second test today!!  I'm pretty sure I passed. Phew.

I keep talking about the similarities between art and writing.  My ceramics class just keeps hammering that home for me.  Our last project is going to be a narrative sculpture or teapot.  I thought mine was going to be a simple vace based on a line from Carry Her Heart...
"Maybe we all repeatedly curl up in a chrysalis and emerge as something else entirely."  I love that quote (which is cheeky to say since I wrote it LOL).  But more than that, I loved Pip's garden in both Carry Her Heart and in the third book in the series, Hold Her Heart.  It truly became a character for me. 

But here's the thing, I already know I'll go off script.  Heck, I've already gone off script.  I'll keep adding changes I didn't plan on, or skip features I thought I'd do.  That vase has turned into something else entirely.  Professor H. said he liked the concept, but the simple vase was too...well, simple.  So I thought I'd turn the vase into a tree...

But our other option for the project was a teapot and I realized my tree trunk had teapot qualities and now it's a...teapot. 

It's like that when I write a synopsis.  A friend asked me the other day I worked from a synopsis or flew by the seat of my pants.  My answer was...yes.  LOL  Yes, I do both.  Some books I stick to that initial script, but some take a left turn and lead me to uncharted and unplanned territory.  That's the fun of writing, finding an unexpected moment or path.  And for me, that's the fun of ceramics as well.  I have an idea, but I leave room for inspiration.  I leave room for the ceramic piece, like a book, to speak to me. 

I leave room.

I'm starting on the Hobbit Hole/Book Ceramic project this week...I'll post about it next week.  I thinking about the order of how I'm going to put it all together.  I know my skill level won't match my imagination, but I live in hope! LOL  

Carry Her Heart

Hold Her Heart
These Three Words

PS. All three Words of the Heart books are on sale, so you can read about Pip's garden for yourself.  Then let me know if the teapot fits the story.

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