Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Love is Just as Fun the Second Time Around

Ethel, Ella, Holly (w/ coffee...no shock)
Last week, my new book, Everything But a Dog  was released (my dogs, Ethel and Ella are still waiting for the Puparazzi to hound them...alas, none have yet!  LOL).  And the rest of that series has been rereleased as a eBooks, and also as paperbacks.  (They were originally hardbacks.)

Well, I got word that Montlake Romance is rereleasing my other Avalon series, WLVH Radio as eBooks and paperbacks TODAY!  Yeah, that's a lot of books.  But I hope you all enjoy this series.

The fun thing about both series as eBooks is, they're available around the world.  Amazon has sites in the UK, Germany, Japan...  Well, a lot of countries.

The bad thing is, they're only available for the Kindle.  People who have other eReaders can buy the paperbacks at whatever store the prefer shopping at, or download the Kindle app to their computer/iPad or smartphone and read them there.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


PS I have a bit of a Christmas gift for all of you...more on that later in the week.  But for now, here are the two series in order (though each book stands alone).

Everything But... series:

Everything But a Groom, Everything But Book #1

Everything But a BrideEverything But Book #2

Everything But a Wedding, Everything But Book #3

Everything But a Christmas EveEverything But Book #4

Everything But a MotherEverything But Book #5

Just in Time for the Holidays!
December 2012 Montlake Romance 
Everything But a Dog 
(Everything But Book #6)
in both eBook and print.
"Holly Jacobs delights yet again with Everything but a Dog – a heartwarming, feel-good tale/tail!”
USA Todaybestselling author Catherine Mann

And out today, my WLVH Radio series.
I was very lucky.  I had a friend who is a local Disc Jockey, and Craig Warvel let me come hang out with him at Star 104 here in Erie.  I wanted a bit of a feel for what DJ's do at the station.  Any mistakes are purely mine. (Oh, and the dog in the third book, Night Calls, is modeled after the Old English Mastiff we had before Ethel and Ella...he was a great dog!)

Pickup Lines
LovehandlesWLVH Radio, Book #

Night Calls,WLVH Radio, Book #3

Laugh LinesWLVH Radio, Book #4

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