Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kay and her Tizzy, and Gaby, Zip and Jackson

To celebrate the release of Everything But a Dog on 12/11/12 
I'm talking to people who work with, or have adopted, rescue animals!

Holly:  Sometimes you find your pet, sometimes your pet finds you...and sometimes you both find each other with one surprising crash! 

Kay:  ”I came home from school one day, many moons ago, to a note: don't let Ginger in, don't let Tizzy out. Tizzy? The crashing of saucepans under the sink lead me to a very large black cat... who soon became very much part of the family!” 

Holly: I love having a saying or motto to build a book on.  Something I keep in mind as I work.  When I wrote Confession of a Party Crasher, the book's saying was, Sometimes What You Think You Want Isn't What You Want at All. Or, as Gaby titled her adoption story, "How an AL rescue shelter dog found a home in DE, or be careful what you say to your children."

Jackson and Zip
Gaby Pratt:  “Our AL daughter posted a precious picture of a dog on FB. My comment - wish you could bring him home to Zip. Now, our Aussie, Zip Down Under, other than uninteresting barn cats, does not have access to livestock. Therefore, she herds up people and scares the daylights out of our little grandchildren. 

I'm thinking, thinking only, maybe Zip needs a companion. The next day I get a phone call. I got the dog from the shelter, he's scheduled for surgery, Mac, her husband, named the dog, Jackson, and the vet says Scottish Terrier hybrid. See ya Thanksgiving. We braced ourselves - with good cause. One look at Jackson and I say Scottie terrier my hind end. He's a Jack Russell if I've ever seen one. Thanks be for the farm and a place to run. There is no quit in either one of them. When all 12 of the clan pulled out Sunday from our too small house, my husband and I collapsed, I mean as much as we could, staring at Jackson and Zip gettin' after it.”  

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