Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas Gift to You? Nothing But Love!

Ella, The Christmas Dog

 I wanted to get you all a present to thank you for your support over the years. I thought about ugly Christmas sweaters? No, really don't we all have enough of those? Maybe some cookies? But no, that would be a lot of mailing.

Since you all are readers, I decided that maybe a free story was the way to go. So, from 12-24 through 12-26 Nothing But Love will be free on Amazon! Not just in the US, but on the oversea's Amazon sites. Merry Christmas everyone! 

Why a short story?

I got my writing start writing short stories.  I always thought of short stories in terms of a country song, a quick way to heartfelt story.

My goal with a short story was to give readers a vignette.  A small piece of a great story.  And I hoped  to leave the reader with the certainty that these characters will get their Happily Ever After.

And do it in under 5,000 words.

I've written a couple novellas in the last few years, but I haven't done any straight up short stories...until now.

Montlake Romance is rereleasing nine of my old Avalons, along with publishing one final Everything But.. book, Everything But a Dog.  Both series are set in Erie, and in my mind, it made sense that characters' paths would cross and that led...

Well, that's how all fiction starts, with the question: What If?

My answer to that question comes in the form of three short stories.  The first will be available for free from Monday, December 24 - Wednesday, December 6th. After that it's $.99...but really, grab it when it's free because it's my Christmas present to all of you.  You all have been so very wonderful to me and I wanted a way to show my appreciation.

A WLVH Radio Series and Everything But...Series short story.
by Holly Jacobs
Take one WLVH disc jockey who adopts a special dog.
Add in one man who thinks he's lost everything.
Let one Everything But... grandmother, Nana Vancy, stir things up.
And maybe find Nothing But Love in this story that's full of Christmas magic.

I so hope you enjoy the story.  And keep an eye out.  I've got two more short stories for the Nothing But.. series.  Nothing but Heart, 2/13 and Nothing but Luck, 3/13.  

The dog in this one got was inspired by one of my Dog Blogs.  You can still read their story at Tami and Marguerite.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!  You can pick your free copy up at Nothing But Love!


PS I know many of you have other eReaders.  I wish I could make all the Montlake Books available for them, but that's out of my hands.  You can always download the Kindle App to your phone/tablet/computer.  I just want you to know that I value you and I will try at some point in the future to have at least the short stories available for your other formats!


  1. Thank you, Holly! This was my first Christmas Eve gift...and what a great one. :) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Caren, YAY I was first!! LOL Thanks! And really hoping you have a wonderful holiday!!