Monday, January 07, 2013

Weaving a Story.

When I reopened this blog, it was mainly in order to have someplace to post my "Dog Blogs" for Everything But a Dog's release.  Then it was New Year's, so it seemed like a good place to post my word of the year.  (Which is STOP, by the way.  Stop and just enjoy the moments.  Stop and take a breath.)

I'm enjoying that blogging gives me a longer format that FB or Twitter allow, so I've decided to try and post a new blog at least every week.  There's a good chance the subjects will meander all over the place.  From books, to cooking, to basket weaving, to glee!

So, today, let's talk about my hobby...

Many of my online friends know that I've taken up making baskets in the last couple years.  I like the creativity that goes into each one.  You might have a pattern in front of you, but yours will never turn out like anyone else's.  It's unique.

I enjoy the rhythm of the weaving.  Over, under, over, under... keep repeating until you're done.  Really, if you can remember that, you can weave.

Writing's like that.  People have asked me since my first book was published what my secret is.  I tell them write...write something, anything, every day.  Make it part of the rhythm of your life.  I know they want some big secret when they ask.  But it's really that simple.  And that difficult.

I guess the best things in life are like that.  Beautifully simple...and really, really hard.  And maybe that's what drew me to basket weaving.  With both writing and baskets, there's a rhythm.  A creativity.  There's some swearing during the tough parts, and there's a lot of fun in the rest.  And when you're done, you look at the finished product with a sense of wonder that you made it!

Whether I'm weaving a basket or a story, I love that moment of wonderment and glee when I've finished something!

Hope you all find some Monday Glee!


PS. You can see more of my baskets at

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  1. Are the four baskets in the first picture miniature baskets? They are really cute.