Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Glee

I know that some people have always questioned my sanity when I say that Mondays are my favorite days of the week. (Frankly, that's not the only reason they question my sanity!) I've gained a reputation for finding glee in so many things, but Monday Glee is my speciality.

Here's my reasoning: After an action-packed, frequently loud weekend of chaos with the family here, it's nice on Monday when they all head back to school or work.  The house gets very quiet.  Ahhh.

Now, I'm not saying I don't adore my family (I do) and I'm not saying that I don't have fun in the midst of the chaos and noise (I do), but at heart, I'm someone who needs some quiet time.  And as you can imagine that having a  big family sometimes makes that hard to find.  So on Mondays, when the house gets very still and quiet...I'll confess, I get glee.

Of course, by the time they come home, I get glee seeing them because I missed them.

I'm such a fickle person!  LOL

Hoping you all find glee today.  Whether it's in a moment of quiet, or a bit of fun chaos...whether it's in a cup of coffee, or having the newspaper waiting on your porch despite the rain and ice (we have the most awesome kid who delivers our paper)...or whether you find your glee in the simple fact that JJ Abrams will be at the helm for the next Star Wars (I know, how awesome is that??)  I hope you find some moment today that makes you smile!!


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