Thursday, January 24, 2013

WLVH Radio & Everything But... Short Stories!!

I got my start writing short stories.  I think I've sold almost fifty now.  I'll confess, I haven't written one in a long time.  But when Montlake started reissuing my WLVH Radio series, and my the Everything But... series, I had a niggle of an idea.  So, I wrote three short stories that combined both series.  And I had a blast!

 The difference between short stories and a full length romance is with a short, I don't try to get a happily-ever-after.  I just want to leave the reader with the couple having a potential for a HEA.  The short story is a vignette.  Just a snippet in their romance.  I really love that sense of potential!

With these three shorts, I showcase a new WLVH disc jockey and Everything But's Nana Vancy.  They joining forces to rescue pets...and inadvertently help three new couples find love.

The first oneNothing But Love, came out at Christmas.

I just got the covers for the next two yesterday.  Nothing But Heart will come out at Valentine's and Nothing But Luck for St. Patrick's Day.  Aren't they beautiful?  Kim Van Meter designed them.  Yes, she's a heck of a writer and has a great eye.  I think they're perfect!

Keep an eye out on my FB or Twitter pages...I'll be offering the two new books free for a few days around the holidays.  It's my way of saying thank you to all of you for all the support over the years!



  1. These look like pure Holly Jacobs. How fun! My new release is shorter, too. I used to only write long, but this format seems to fit my attention span lately. LOL. Will look for these, Holly. Cheers! Deb

  2. Deb,

    That is a great point about short stories...if you only have a few minutes, you can still read the whole thing!

    BTW, I love your new cover!