Friday, January 11, 2013

New SuperRomance Covers

I got my second '13 cover yesterday and I'm so excited!  I love SuperRomance's new look for its covers.

Covers are always a crapshoot!  Most of them I've liked, some of them I've loved and a few...well, not so much.  I'll confess, so far, I'm really liking the Valley Ridge covers.  You are Invited is an April release.  April Showers, May.  I'm just waiting for the final book in the trilogy's cover.  A Walk Down the Aisle will be out in June.

Looking at the new covers got me important are covers to you as a reader?  Are there things you like to see?  Things you hate to see?

How close to the character's descriptions in the books do you want the covers to be?

And finally, what do you think about the new Super covers??

I'd love to get your opinion!



  1. Are you sure you want my opinion??? Well you asked so here it is.......I really don't pay much attention to covers but I will say that since you called my attention to the new superromance covers ~ I do like the bright covers and the the fact that there are people on them.

  2. Ellen, I do want your opinion! And to be honest, as a reader, the covers rarely if ever sell me a story. But as a writer, I want ones I hope draw readers to at least pick up a book. So, I'm glad you think they're bright!