Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Looking for Glee

Erie in February
I've built a name for myself looking for glee, but I'll confess, this last week there have been a few moments I haven't found much.  As I bundled up to go out in the frigid weather to snowblow for a third time in day because the snowplow came by right after I finished clearing three drives, I was a bit less than gleeful.

But those moments are fleeting.  I  look at scenes like this and I remember that even at it's worst, winter can be beautiful.  

As I sat in the house yesterday next to a roaring fire watching my cardinal couple at the feeder, I felt not only glee, but contentment.

There are so many moments in an average day when glee is there, just waiting to be found.  I hope you all look for your moment...and find your glee today!



  1. Beautiful picture Holly.

    You sure have been getting the snow this year. We have had more than our average as well. Shoveling the snow a plow puts onto your driveway is the hardest and heaviest snow shoveling job ever. You are so wonderful to do it for others.

    We don't feed the birds anymore but we do provide a heated bird bath for them. On warmer days the sparrows are wall to wall in their outdoor spa. They fight over who gets to go into the water and splash around. We have three rocks set into the bird bath so they have some place to hop out. We don't have any cardinals (Envious) out west here but we do get nuthatches, chick-a-dees, magpies, blue jays and the occasional other bird in the winter. We get a bit more variety in the summer.

  2. Kaelee, Oh, how cool about the heated bird bath! I try to get out to mine every couple days with a jug of hot water, so everything thaws. As for shoveling...it's my workout. And just think, no gym fees! LOL