Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confession of a Cookbook Addict

I've got a confession, I'm addicted to cookbooks, cooking magazines, recipes on Pinterest and I've recently started following a few cooking blogs.  And I've got a shopping cart full of cookbooks.  Yep, I think I've got an addiction.

See the folders on the top left of the picture?  Those are filled with recipes I've cut out of my Cooking Light Magazine and other sources.  (Speaking of Cooking Light,  I get a bit giddy when a new issue arrives.  I can't wait to dive into it!)

Now, if I were following all these recipes, it might be one thing.  But mainly I read them like a book of fiction and then try to incorporate some of their ideas or tips into my cooking.  Or, I try a recipe and tweak it as I go along.

I'd like to tell you that I've examined my cookbook shelf and have decided I have enough recipes housed there that I don't need any more.  Alas, that would be a lie.  One of my new cooking blogs mentioned that they have a new cookbook (Mennonite Girls Can Cook) and it is in my shopping cart, along with their old cookbook.  (Mennonite Girls Can Cook, and their new Celebrations cookbooks.)

I could try to tell you that those were the last new cookbooks for a while, but instead, I'll say if you have any favorite cookbooks you think belong on my shelf...let me know!  Some of my newer additions are the Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook, Griswold Cast Iron Cookbook, Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day...


PS See the flour sifter on the right hand side of the shelf??  Watch for an upcoming blog on my kitchen gadget addictions! LOL


  1. Nancy Goldberg Levine12:21 PM

    Holly -- I suffer from the same addiction...I am in a cookbook club and had to suspend my membership until I go back to work because I can't afford to buy any new cookbooks right now. I read them like a novel, too, and sometimes I actually do try some of the recipes.

    Yesterday when I was going through my mom's cookbooks, (my friend and I started looking at their stuff at the house because they'll have to move into the nursing home where they are permanently) I found one that made me think of her, so I brought it home with me. There's another one she has, if I can find it. It's old and worn but it has the recipe I used to make fudge for the first time. I think it's called the "Encyclopedia of Cookery."

    What are the names of some of the cooking blogs? I'd be interested in checking those out.

  2. Nancy, I'm really enjoying that Mennonite Girls Can Cook. And tried the gnocchi mac an cheese from Very good!

    Pinterest is a great place to find new recipes!

    Love that you'll have those cookbook favorites of your mom's. I found an autographed copy of Julia Child's cookbook at a housesale...I was so jazzed!