Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Gifts!

I couldn't find a way to send you all flowers...or even chocolate, but I wanted to do something to wish you all a Happy Valentine's. I'm so lucky to have such great friends and readers.  So, on Monday and Tuesday, Nothing But Love (a Kindle short story) is free again, and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Nothing But Heart (also a Kindle short story) is free.

It was so much fun to try to combine my Everything But... series and my WLVH Radio series in this short story trilogy.  I got my start writing short stories and it's been a number of years since I've written one.  It was fun to go back to it.  It's really a very different way to tell a story.  Especially a romance.  In just a few thousand words, I can't give you a believable Happily Ever After, but I try to leave you with a potential HEA.

So Happy Valentine's!


PS And keep an eye out in March...the last book in the Nothing But... Trilogy, Nothing But Luck, will be out in time for St. Patrick's Day!

PPS The free stories are available at Amazon stores in other countries—Canada, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Brazil...


  1. Thanks Holly! Can't wait to read them. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Stephanie!! I hope you enjoy them! I loved continuing the animal rescue theme I started in Everything But a Dog. And really, it was so much fun to go back to my short story roots!

    Happy Valentine's!!

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  4. Hey, Holly! I'm trying again using a different browser. Just wanted to say thanks for the two short stories, and I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday.

    BTW, I am so enjoying your Everything But... series! Nana Vancy reminds me a bit of my mother, who once stood 5'0" even, but due to arthritis in the spine and two collapsed vertebrae in the past year, she's down to 4'9". She is also a character, larger than life and quite feisty.

    I also identify personally with something you wrote about Nana Vancy in the beginning of Nothing But a Wedding. You said, "Nana Vancy was only four feet, eleven and a half inches tall, but no one in the family seemed to notice her slight

    Holly Jacobs. Everything But a Wedding (Nana Vancey was only four feet, eleven and a half inches tall, but no one in the family seemed to notice her slight frame because her giant spirit had always eclipsed any lack in height." When people have called me short over the years (which has happened pretty often, since I am 5'0.5"), I tell them I have a very tall personality!

    1. JV, Hey, it worked!!! I'm so glad you can get onto the blog now!

      And I'm so pleased Nana Vancy reminded you of your mom. And I love that you have a 'tall' personality. You've always sounded very tall via the internet!

      Thanks for picking up both shorts, and for trying out the Everything But series! There's a third short that will be out for St. Patrick's day. I think it's the final one, but I had so much fun returning to the WLVH Radio and Everything But series who knows! LOL

      Hope you had a lovely Valentine's!


    2. Apparently, using Chrome (the Google web browser) was causing confusion between my Google+ account and my blogger account, I'm guessing. I just thought I'd give it another shot using a different browser through which I was NOT logged into my Google account, and it worked! Yay!

    3. JV, You are a techno goddess!! I could use you today. My car's computer needs updated, and I'm going to attempt to do it myself. Oy.