Monday, May 07, 2018

Hollyworld Book Stories: Video vs. Written Word

Video vs. Written Word

I've enjoyed blogging here and really appreciate everyone who's started following me here.  
I'm glad you're enjoying some of my reoccurring themes. Book Stories (stories about the stories I write), My Novel Freshman Experience, Cooks and Books, On Writing... 

Occasionally, I try my blog as a Vlog...a video blog.  And while I think it's a way to introduce myself (my books and my blog) to new readers, I think I'll always prefer the written word.  It's sort of like reading a book or watching a movie.  The movie might add something new to the story, but the book...that's where the heart is.

What do you think...books vs. movies?


PS The second installment of that free Briar Hill Road novella went out today to newsletter subscribers.  If you're not a subscriber and want to catch up, subscribe and I'll send you the first two installments so you're caught up.  

PPS. My second annual Beach Read Bundle is out for pre-order! And if you're not heading to the beach, that's makes a great couch read, too!

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