Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Only a couple more weeks until Laugh Lines is on the shelf. And the favorite pet contest only has a few more weeks to go. Here are two more favorite pets....

We have this wonderful and adorable dog, Bogie. Bogie has a special personality, friendly and sweet. He is small, part Corgi and German Shepherd mix and is active, interested in people and has to know everything going on. He has become such a part of our family and has endeared himself to friends and neighbors so quickly.

My favorite pet was my cat, Pooh. I got him from a pet shop, not knowing he was too young to be taken away from his mother, I think he was scarred mentally for life! He hated everyone but me and would literally chase people out of the house. He must have had dozens of lives for all the death-defying acts he pulled -- he lived till he was 21 years old! There will never be another cat like him! ~Carol

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