Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alrighty then...Laugh Lines is officially available online! And in honor of its release, I thought I'd introduce you to a friend. In Laugh Lines, Dani tries her hand at stand-up comedy. She finds she has a flair for it. I do a lot of public speaking, and I'll confess, I know the rush of totally owning an audience. Finding that rhythm of your talk, knowing when to add that little something that will make the audience laugh. It's intoxicating. Dani finds that same rush. As much as I suspect my rush is similar, I don't actually do stand-up. But I'd like to introduce you to Charlotte Maclay, who in addition to her writing, does do stand-up. Here she is...

I’m Charlotte Maclay and I am a ham!

Give me a microphone and an audience, and I’m doing the Snoopy dance. (Well, not literally, I might hurt myself, but you get what I mean.)

I have been speaking to audiences of all sizes and shapes since first grade. While 90% of the world is terrified by the thought of getting up in front of an audience to speak, I’m pushing everybody out of the way so I can get to the mike first.

Which makes it weird that I waited so late in life to become a stand-up comedienne. I mean, I can’t even stay awake late enough to watch Jay Leno much less perform at that hour.
However, I do perform fairly regularly for senior citizen groups, alumni organizations, women’s clubs and the like.

One of my most memorable gigs was at a retirement home where the average age of the audience was 92 ½. Those present who were not senile, deaf or napping in their chairs really enjoyed my routine.

The toughest gig for me is a stage performance where the audience is in the dark and I’m standing in a spotlight. I can’t see a soul. There’s no way to make eye contact. If I don’t get a laugh when I should, I can’t tell if the joke bombed or the audience decided to go out for a drink—and they’re not planning to come back.

Nowadays, I enjoy combining the story of my writing romance novels with my stand-up routine. The goal of my presentations and of my books is to leave my audience and my readers smiling.

Drop by my Web site Click on the Lite Side and you’ll find jokes written by students in my recent online class, The Art of Writing Jokes. I think they’ll leave you smiling, too.

Charlotte Maclay
Make No Promises
Leisure Love Spell
Available now

Thanks, Char! Please, take a minute to go visit Char's site!

I'll confess, I so admire my character Dani, went chasing after her dreams! Especially a dream that involves really putting yourself on the line like that, standing center stage, under the spotlight! So what would you secretly want to try?

I hope you all will ask your libraries about ordering Laugh Lines. Thanks as always for your support!!


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