Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another celebrity cat. First Kate Walker's, now meet Cathie Linz's (see the previous post about her current releases)!

"The photo is of Whiskers, who is an official cover model -- he was on the cover of Dec 2006 RT!

This is his follow up photo for Valentine's Day (notice the teddy bear and heart in the background). Whiskers is five years old, and he's a rescue shelter cat that I got as a kitten. More photos are on my website (a cute one on top of my newsletter section shows him and his brother Rascal as kittens). Did I mention that Whiskers faithfully sat at my feet while I completed my new book BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY (coming out in October). The fact that the hot air duct was there and it was cold had nothing to do with his feline loyalty .

This is Whiskers brother Rascals (who lives up to his name every minute of every day!) "

You can visit Cathie and see more pics at http://www.cathielinz.com/.

Happy Valentine's!


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