Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More pets (the contest ends next week, so do send in your pet stories!):

My favorite pet is a little all grey cat who my son and I adopted from the Humane society.
What did it for us is that the poor little thing was hitting his head on the cage at the HS because he wanted to be petted so bad.
So we opened the cage and he just started purring and purring Matthew asked what’s his name Mom? I said Storm.
He said we have to get him.
I said I’ll call Dad.
Storm or Stormy looks like a Russian Blue he is all grey with green eyes.
He is real sweetie ~Beth

My favourite pet is our little 2 year old yorkshire terrier named precious.he is a real little darling. He is a member of our family and has all of us well trained to perform certain tasks for him. ~Linda

I lost my favorite pet last year. Skeeter was a wired-haired dachshund and my constant companion for 18 years. I really miss her. ~Kathy
Kathy, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how bad it can hurt. We lost our Mastiff last year and still miss him. Sending hugs!

My favorite pet was a dear sweet Maltese named Angel. I had visited the local Humane Society and told them I was looking for a small lap dog. They said they would call me when they received one. When I received the call I rushed to the Humane Society. There was this precious little neglected Maltese. They told me the owner brought her because they were moving and couldn't take her. That was the best thing that could have happened to her. She immediately stole my heart and became a member of our family. She was around 5 years old, matted pink tinged hair, what looked like black coffee grinds in her ears and bad green teeth with horrible breath. I headed straight to the vet's office to get her shots and have her spayed and get her teeth cleaned. When they spayed her they found a bad infection in her uterus. They said I saved her life by bringing her in to be spayed. Then the next trip was to the groomers. She was a different baby when I picked her up. She was white, fluffy and! full of love. I was confused at why she didn't come when I called her name "Angel". I tried different names thinking maybe that wasn't really her name. I still had no luck. On day she was asleep next to clothes hamper in the hallway. I accidentally dropped the wooden lid with a loud bang. I noticed she didn't flinch. I dropped it again. Still no movement. Then I realized why she didn't come when I called her name. She was also deaf. It made me so mad to think of how the previous owners neglected and abused her. We think someone who wore a baseball cap abused her. The first time my husband came through the house with his ball cap on she ran up to him barking, growling and nipping at his leg. She reacted this way whenever anyone had a ball cap on. When they would take the hat off she would change back to the sweet loving baby she normally was. She lived to be 14 years old and was such a blessing to our family. Everyone that came over fell in love with her and wanted to take her home. We had to put her asleep 8 years ago and we still miss her so much.

My favorite pets are my two marmalade kittens - two identical sisters. I called them Fatso (she's twice the size of her sister) and Red. Fatso is very pushy, always climbing on top of you, begging scraps of food and attention. Red is very lady-like. She would stick around, making sure she is noticed but very dignified. Red is also very independent. She is the proverbial cat who walks alone. Fatso, when petted to her heart's content, scrunches to a little ball on the nearest available surface and can snooze for hours. I love them both to pieces. ;-) ~stasy

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