Monday, February 26, 2007

Recently, a number of you have asked about my fairy books. First off, thanks for remembering them, or discovering them! I wrote them for ImaJinn Books, and they've since gone into an e-version at Fictionwise.

Let's see, I've brought royalty to Erie, PA in my Perry Square Royal Invasion trilogy, so why not fairy godmothers? LOL You've probably figured out by now that I think Erie's got it all! LOL

You can read an excerpt from each of the books at both Fictionwise, and ImaJinn. You can also find out more about the books on my website. Mad About Max, Magic For Joy, Miracles for Nick, Fairly Human .
Oh, and yes, Janice asked, this was before I started using the pen name, Holly Jacobs. If you'll note the H and R in Fuhrmann, plus that double N at the end...well, let's just say I did a signing once where they put no vowels in my last name. I decided it might be better to try something else! LOL ~Holly

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