Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've so appreciated all your letters, and the chance to "meet" the pets that give your lives such joy! Tomorrow's the last day for pet stories. I'll be drawing on the 1st of March for our winner. Thanks again everyone! This has been a fun contest...and such a fun way to launch my latest book, Laugh Lines. I hope you all will ask your library to order a copy...and check in on the 1st to see who our winner is!


My favorite pet is Bathsheba, my cat. We had to work so hard to save her when she was born. To get her to eat we had to blend pasta in a blender for her. THen we started mixing it with dry cat food and finally got her to eating cat food. Now she lays on me all the time and has refused to go outside like all the other cats. She is so beautiful. ~Jane

Thanks to someone else being very unkind and unthoughtful we have a wonderful cat.
Last Spring someone dropped off a cat at our home in the country.
He was half grown, housebroke and a beautiful Siamese.
He of course has taken over our hearts and our home. ~Christy

My favorite pet was a amozon parot named Chico. He had a few words he would say such as Chico is a pretty bird, he also expected a plate of food at meal time. ~Gail

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