Sunday, June 10, 2018

Book Stories: Hold Her Heart

Hold Her Heart (On Sale This Week for $.99) is a standalone book, but it's part of the Words of the Heart series.

In Carry Her Heart, you met Pip, who gave a daughter up for adoption, then spent the rest of the book building a life around a daughter she didn't have.  My editor suggested I end the book with Pip getting her daughter back, but that seemed disingenuous.  When I told her the ending I planned, she teared up and said, Yes.  That.

The second book in the series, These Three Words, is a standalone story, built in that same "world" but you meet Pip's daughter in it. It's just a small cameo, but if you read Carry Her Heart, you know something's happening.

And in Hold Her Heart you find out what.

All three books in the series are first person...they're told entirely through the heroine's point-of-view.  Well, except a small letter at the end of Carry Her Heart and the opening of Hold Her Heart.  Those few paragraphs in each book are told through Ned's eyes.  Ned was Pip's neighbor, and in Hold Her Heart, he's her husband.  And every time Ned gets his chance to speak, he makes me cry. Every. Single. Time.

I know it's nuts.  I wrote the books.  I know how each flash, they all have Happy-Ever-Afters.

Once I get done crying over Ned's scene, one of my favorite lighthearted moments in Hold Her Heart is a young character who loves birds.  My heroine and the kid spend a great deal of the book talking about how groups of birds are named.  An Unkindness of Ravens.  A Murder of Crows. A Drift of Quail...

I've always found those fascinating. And in a book that has some heavy emotional moments, those birds gave me as the writer a break. Hopefully they gave readers a break too.

That's something important to remember.  Life isn't one thing or another. It's ups and downs. It's highs and lows.  And even at your lowest moments, you might find something to smile about.  That's the kind of truth I try to give to my stories.  I hope you find that in the Words of the Heart series.

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