Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another Day of Beauty!!

Today was a running around day.  I went to the nursing home, picked up a form and had to run it downtown... While I was there, I decided to give myself a beauty break.  Uh, no, I'm not talking about a day at the salon. I'm talking about a visit to the Art Museum.  I went to the museum for that talk with Ohio artist, Susan Shie, a couple weeks ago.  She's amazing. I wanted to see the full Earth Stories exhibit.  Here are a few pics in no particular order...

 And here's Susan Shie's piece in the collection.  Uh, if you read my first Day of Beauty, you'll remember how much I like making myself part of the art (see my shadow?).

After the visit, I went next door to Glass Growers.  If you've never been...go.  I drop in every time I'm down that way because they always have something new and cool.  I've mentioned before that I love to collect Erie stuff.  We have a number of prints.  Well, today I bought a cool picture of Beach 10 on Presque Isle by Jason Floyd Lewis.  (You can see my reflection in it as well! LOL)

If you're one of my Erie friends, head down to the Art Museum and then stop in and check out Glass Growers.
This isn't a paid endorsement...I just love my city! If you're not in the area, I hope you enjoy visiting through my books and blog.  And if you're in the area, drop in for a real visit!!


Confessions of a Party Crasher
Everything But a Groom


Confessions of a Party Crasher is live on Amazon for pre-order and if you haven't heard, the Everything But... series is going to audio and the first sample's up!

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