Wednesday, April 05, 2017

My Erie...

Last night, I went to a launch for a new book on Erie Mayor's...
Erie, Pennsylvania Mayors
150 Years of Political History
by Dr. William Garvey.

It was published by Jefferson Educational Society, a wonderful Erie asset that offers a full spectrum of classes and talks.  From the history of Erie to the history of beer class I took last month.

Back to last night. Dr. Garvey was a professor at Mercyhurst then the president.  He's spent his career studying my favorite town and this book was the culmination of that work. I can't wait to dig in!

I'll confess, as I looked at the crowd and saw educators, reporters, government officials all talking about their love of our town, I was struck by the realization I am a part of that.  No, I've never held a government position or worked as a reporter (though I've written Erie reporters in Not Precisely Pregnant), but I have brought my love of Erie to readers around the world.  Carry Her Heart has been on Turkey's bestseller list recently.  I have introduced readers in that country to our city and all it has to offer.  I've often had that pinch-me moment as that realization sinks addition to readers here in the state, readers in more than twenty-five countries have 'visited' our town.  

So last night, I felt a sense of connection as I listened to former Mayor Joyce Savvocchio, "We believe this is a marvelous city."  I am one of those "we" she spoke of.  I do believe in Erie.

And Dr. William Garvey, spoke about the book and how he came to write it.  He said, "Erie needs to know who it is."  Then followed with, "If you don't know who you are, you don't know who you could be."

I had one of those deje vu moments.  Here was my instagram post from earlier that day..
 hollyjacobsauthor I found a copy of a letter from Geo. Washington to one of my ancestors last night as I worked on my family tree! It's so easy to get lost in the past. I like to think all the people who came before me are part of every book I write. Just One Thing is set at our camp, which is close to an ancestor's homestead.

Some times I'm just on the right wavelength.  LOL
It was a lovely evening, listening to people honor Dr. Garvey's life's work and praise this city that I've used as a setting in so many of my books.  I love Erie.  I love to share that love with millions readers around the world.

So congratulations Dr. Garvey and everyone who worked on this book.  Before you leave, check out this new video talking about all the reasons I love this town!


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