Saturday, April 29, 2017

Everything But... Audiobooks!

I wrote a series of short, sweet, fluffy romances for Avalon Books, a small publisher that mainly sold books to libraries.  The books got a new life when Montlake Romance bought Avalon's backlist.  Montlake published them as ebooks.  And now, they're coming out as audiobooks!  Yes, a bossy Hungarian grandmother who cursed her family to bad weddings is still moving!

The first three Everything But... audiobooks are available now on Amazon.  They'll be released on other sites over the next month.  Here are the dates and links!  You can preorder them now.

Everything but a Groom - 5/2/2017

Everything but a Bride - 5/9/2017

Everything but a Wedding - 5/16/2017

Everything but a Christmas Eve - 5/23/2017

Everything but a Mother - 5/30/2017

Everything but a Dog - 6/6/2017

And while you're shopping don't forget my newest releases:

Not Precisely Pregnant
The Book
Same Time Next Summer

My Award Winning Words of the Heart series 

Carry Her Heart
These Three Words

Hold Her Heart

When you're done reading (or listening) to a book, I'd so appreciate it if you'd leave a review!  As always, thanks so much!!  Keep an eye Views of My Garden videos are in the works!


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