Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Everything But... Daycares and Nursing Homes

Everything But a Mother is available on audio. 5 in the series down...1 to go! Nana Vancy and the Silverbells are volunteering at a daycare in a nursing home in this one.
I've been going to nursing homes for...well, for decades. My grandmother had Alzheimers and was in an amazing home a block away from the kids' school. We stopped every day. My youngest basically grew up in that nursing home. And that's one of my inspirations for adding a daycare center in my fictional nursing home in Everything But a Mother. Whenever my kids went into the home, they were rockstars. All the residents got so excited to see young faces in the building.

It's nice to see that my idea is catching on. PBS did a great what happens when a nursing home and a daycare share a building piece. The Everything But series are lighthearted romps, but even in my frothiest stories, you can find things I'm passionate about. From how society deals with our elderly, to healthy eating, to CSA's, to dual-flush toilets and compost piles, oh, and Heinlein, Tolkien and Trixie Belden...I touch on all of it!! I hope you'll check out the Everything But... books on audio. If you bought the Kindle version, you can buy the Audible edition on Amazon for $1.99.

Everything but a Groom - 5/2/2017
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Everything but a Bride - 5/9/2017

AmazonAudibleBN and iTunes

Everything but a Wedding - 5/16/2017

AmazonAudibleBN and iTunes

Everything but a Christmas Eve - 5/23/2017

AmazonAudibleBN and iTunes

Everything but a Mother - 5/30/2017

AmazonAudibleBN and iTunes

Everything but a Dog - 6/6/2017

AmazonAudibleBN and iTunes

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