Wednesday, November 09, 2016

My Day of Beauty.

Holly's Shadow
I needed some beauty in my life today, so I went downtown.  I've been posting pictures of some of the beauty Erie has to offer on social media.  I think the world could use more beauty and glee right now.  I went to the Erie Art Museum.  And as I was taking a picture, I realized I could see my shadows and reflections in them.  I started to position myself differently, then stopped.  
Art is about finding something of yourself in someone else's vision.  And I realized that my shadows and reflections were literally putting something of myself into someone else's art.  

It really changed the way I looked everything.  And I realized it was something I needed to remember...we are all a part of each other.  We're part of each other's vision of the world!
Dietrich Wegner's Studies in Solitude...and my reflection as well as  the reflections of some of his other prints.
When I write a new book, you can see reflections of me and my beliefs in it.  You can also see reflections of my other books.

Dietrich Wegner's Studies in Solitude.  There's something almost magic about walking around a museum in silence and finding shadows of yourself in other people's art...and hearing yourself in the silence.

Jose Picayo's Polaroids...I can see my reflections quite literally in the face of a stranger.
Jose Picayo's Polaroids...We all have our shadows following us around. That doesn't mean there's not beauty.

Jose Picayo's Polaroids...I think there's a certain beauty in something that's a little beat up and well loved.

I have always tried to add beauty and love to the world.  Today's journey through the museum has thinking about how to do that in new, unique ways!



  1. if i hadn't had to work today, I'd have been home crocheting my goreous shawl I'm so very proud of, while buried in my fur babies. Every one of them looks completely different and they all have unique personalities. Yet I love them all for the kitties they are. One is a snuggler who is afraid of everyone but me, one is also a snuggler and takes his time to warm up to people. One is quite standoffish much of the time but when she wants love, she's all in. One is the official welcoming committee who makes sure everyone gets a warm and friendly greeting. One comes running to the door, but more to make sure every single person crossing the threshold acknowledges her as queen of the castle. one can be a bit of a bully but he loves his mommy 1000%! and one is not overly affectionate but she talks to me constantly, telling me how great her day was an all kinds of stories. All different, but all loved, and all fully capable of love, though they express it in different ways. Yes, they are cats, not people, but they are an example of differences being vital and contributive to the community as a whole.

    1. Kelley, That's such a good point! Those differences in your 'community' is what makes it unique and treasured! Sending hugs!

    2. I totally went off on a tangent there, but that's where my mind was yesterday. So much arguing and hatred between people for being of different views. Totally forgetting that those very differences are what make the country so great. And that even though we are all different and of different views, we all are one community and we need to work together to make the changes everyone wants to see. :-)

    3. Kelley, I'm so hoping that everyone in the country understands that point. I'm tired of us concentring more on our differences than on our commonalities!