Monday, November 21, 2016

Me and Jim...

Before I was a writer, I was a reader...heck, I still am a reader.  And as such, I've read James Patterson! (Seriously, you'd have to live under a rock not to have read a James Patterson book!)  I'll confess, I loved when he showed up on Castle (one of my favorite and much-missed shows).  So please imagine my surprise when I found out that James Patterson and I had a relationship...of sorts.

It started with his book, Burn.  He named a character Holly Jacobs.  Awww.  I was thrilled.  Okay, so I'm not sure he's read Holly Jacobs, but let's pretend he has! LOL

So I named a character James Patterson in These Three Words.  I just want to be clear, my James isn't the James is a completely fictional character. And I'll confess, I utterly fell in love with my James who was waiting for his Anne.  His love was palpable and the scene always brought me to tears as I wrote it, and it has every time I've reread it.

But back to the James, not my James....  You see, after all our book flirting, James and I started hanging out on bestseller lists occasionally...

Yeah, I know.  How cool is that??  

Well, today takes the cake...James (the James, not my James) and I are on a bestseller list in Turkey!  Yes, we're now traveling overseas together now!  I think that's definitely a new step in our relationship! LOL

Unutma Beni

Next thing you know, he'll say, "Call me Jim" and we'll be hanging out together like he did with Castle.  We'll play poker (okay, so I don't play poker...maybe rummy??), drinking and talking about books.  Until then, we'll always have Turkey, Jim!


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