Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What I write...

I'll confess, on the surface, when I say, I write Women's Fiction/Romances, Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy, Cozy Mystery, and Short Stories, it might sound like I write all over the place.  But to be honest, every book I write has more in common than not.

I was at a conference a few years ago and someone asked, "What is at the heart of all your books?"  And for me, it's family.  Sometimes it's a family by blood.  Sometimes it's people who come together and create a family, and sometimes it's people searching for their family...for where they belong.

You see...the same, but different.

Since people have asked, I thought I'd break down some of my more recent stories into a few categories.  Romance Plus. Romantic Comedy.  Homespun Stories. Cozy Mysteries. Short Stories.  
I hope you'll give all the categories a try, but if you find you have a favorite type, hopefully this will help you find new reads!





Homespun Romance

Cupid Falls

Christmas in Cupid Falls
A Simple Heart
Perry Square

Do You Hear What I Hear?
A Day Late and a Bride Short
Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow
Be My Baby
Once Upon a Princess
Once Upon a Prince
Once Upon a King
Here With Me
Whedon PA

Unexpected Gifts
A One--of-Kind Family
Homecoming Day
A Father's Name
Everything But...

Everything But a Groom
Everything But a Bride
Everything But a Wedding
Everything But a Christmas Eve
Everything But a Mother
Everything But a Dog

Valley Ridge

You are Invited...
April Showers
A Walk Down the Aisle
A Valley Ridge Christmas


Cozy Mysteries

Maid in LA series:
Spruced Up
Swept Up

Coming soon...
Can't Find NoBODY
If you love Quincy Mac,
You're going to love Markie Walkowicz!


Romantic Comedy

I Waxed My Legs for This?

Dear Fairy Godmothers:
Mad about Max
Magic for Joy
Miracles for Nick
Fairly Human

WLVH Radio Series...


Short Stories

Short Stories...
My 1st six shorts in one volume!
Able to Love Again

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