Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Just One Thing

Thanks everyone for the congrats about Just One Thing's new Reviewers' Choice Award and for it having one of the top highlight quotes on Kindle! I thought I'd use it for  #TeaserTuesday. This short scene seems just about right given the weather!  Okay, so most of us are no longer anticipating snow...we're buried in it!  LOL

I walked home that night and it felt like it could snow at any moment. There’s a certain crispness that hits right before the snow. The ground felt crunchier under my feet and there wasn’t a cloud overhead, just a black, black night sky filled with stars and a half-moon. 
I could see my breath in the moonlight and I was thankful I’d worn my heavy wool socks. I’d have to pull out my boots soon, not just because of the potential snow, but simply for the warmth.
        I watched my breath come out in vivid puffs and felt a sense of anticipation. 
PS Just One Thing was released in German this month!

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