Thursday, February 05, 2015

Throwback Thursday, PTA Trilogy

Once Upon a Thanksgiving

This week's Throwback Thursday happens to be a trilogy.  The eBooks are all on sale at​.

Once Upon a Christmas
Once Upon a Valentine's
I originally called these my PTA Mom trilogy.  TPTB felt Dads were a better sell, so it became my American Dad trilogy.  But for me, it was all about the moms.  I identified with the three mothers who balanced jobs, kids and a budding romance.  Okay, so my romance is well established and not a bud, but I still empathized with their balancing act.  All three moms missed the first PTA meeting of the year and got stuck on the crap committee.  The first one got stuck planning the Thanksgiving event, the second the Christmas event, and the last a Valentine's dance.

Since Valentine's is just a week away, I thought I'd talk about her...Carly.  She's a great mom, an accidental arsonist and...  What, you want that explained?  Yeah, selling an arsonist (accidental or otherwise) wasn't as easy as you'd think.  You see, Carly caught her husband doing...uh the down-and-dirty on a couch she'd spent weeks shopping for.  So in the divorce, she asked for it.  And what do you do with a couch like that?  Why you have a bonfire...that accidentally spreads to a neighbor's.  So she's doing community service with a hunky Erie cop and...  Well, let's just say sparks ensue!  LOL

I loved this series.  And for me, it's always going to be the PTA Mom trilogy!!

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