Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Just One Thing

  This isn't a huge throwback, just back a couple years back.  I had an idea for a book and it was quirky.  Most of it took place in a bar on Mondays (an Easter Egg for all of you).

So rather than pitching it to my editor, I wrote it for me. I wrote without regards to the 'rules' or guidelines. I wrote with the same kind of abandon I had when I first started writing (and had more enthusiasm than know-how).   I was so lucky that an editor at Montlake loved the book, despite the fact it was quirky. 

In the last eight months, Just One Thing's won a Reviewers' Choice Award, had passages highlighted often enough to make Amazon's most highlighted list, and had so many readers embrace it, quirkiness and all!  

So, here's my point today...don't be afraid to take a chance and try something new!  Maybe it won't work, but maybe, just maybe it will.  And to be honest if you don't try, it absolutely can't work out!!  So if you try, you're that much ahead!  Maybe we should all try Just One (New) Thing this year!  (I know, I know that was bad! LOL) I will always be happy that I took a chance on this story that I couldn't shake!


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