Saturday, January 13, 2007


We're still talking about pets we have, pets we used to have...pets we love. (In case you missed the original post, I'm giving away a copy of Night Calls, which featured an Old English Mastiff modeled after our dog.) Here are a few of the posts...

"My favorite pet is my almost four-month-old salt & pepper female miniature schnauzer, “Pepper Too”. She’s a bundle of joy and energy. My 13 ½ year-old salt & pepper female miniature schnauzer, “Pepper”, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 19, 2006 – and her sister, “Heidi Jo”, my 14 ½ year-old black female miniature schnauzer joined her on December 2, 2006. " ~I Love Schnauzers

"My favorite pet is my 10 year old Maltese, Annie. I had her sire for 13 years and I am afraid that she is the last of the line. She is a very happy dog (my Granddog) and I love her to death!" ~Cheri

"A favourite pet is something difficult to decide. With 6 dogs, three large and three small and each with their own distinct personality, how does one pick one ? But I suppose our cross chow/bull terrier, Simba probably comes first to mind. Although he is a very heavily built dog with a massive head and jaws, he is the gentlest thing you could ever hope to find. He gets pulled around on his neck by the other two large dogs and licked to death by the smaller ones, but remain totally un-perturbed. I think he must be a distant relative of Ferdinand the Bull, because he also loves to sniff flowers. About the only thing that gets him going is snakes as them he attacks with ferocity." ~Carol

"My favorite pet is my Snoodle-part Schnauzer and part Poodle. His name is Sandy. He is blonde like me. He turned 15 in November but still looks and acts like he is a much younger dog. Whenver I take him to the vet he jumps up and down eager to see the Doctor who says "I can't believe he is this old." He is my best friend and travels with me wherever I go. It seems at times he can read my mind and know what I am going to do. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned. I thank God every night that he has let me have Sandy for this many years. I love him very much." ~Jackie

"My favorite pet now is Willie a hyper, book loving Jack Russell terrier. He keeps me busy and if I am reading a book and happen to lay it down where he can get at it-well, I can't tell you how many times I have had to go to a bookstore and finish reading that book. He shakes and bites the pages out of them. Doesn't bother a hardback, just the paperbacks. I guess he does that to see me chsse after him.He is an intelligent dog and very lovable but certainly different from the dogs I have had in the past (chihuahuas)." Joy

More posts to follow...keep sending them in! (See contest rules)


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