Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Pet Posts....

Don't forget, send your "favorite pet" post to me at Holly@Hollysbooks.com, or post it in the comment section here, to be entered in the contest for a copy of Night Calls.

My favorite pet: Nora About two years ago we lost our 11yr old Rottie - the love of our life since she was a tiny pup. Not thinking I could ever love another the way I olved her, I shied away from getting a puppy. We heard about a senior girl rottie from a rescue we volunteered for. She needed a home badly. I thought I would not have to love her, just make her life better. Well, Nora has made our life better - mended our hearts and I love her more than anyhing - way more than I ever thought possible. ~ tracy

My favourite pet is a yorkshire terrier we named Gizmo.he is 10 years old,spoiled rotten and we love him tremendously.please enter me in contest. ~Linda

Alrighty....... My favorite pet would be my baby skipper. He's huge, he's a mutt, but he's the biggest baby you've ever seen. Skipper is so beautiful. He has one crystal blue eye and one brown. He loves to cuddle up to my feet no matter where i am. he's one of those dogs that just seem to know what i'm feeling. I tell him all my secrets (cause i know he won't tell). He's also the family gaurd dog, which seems so odd to me. He's such a loving baby, but when it comes to strangers, he's so protective over us all! he really is my best friend. I love that boy to death! he's been around for a lond while, 10yrs, and i'm very much afraid of losing him. No one wants to lose their best friend! But for now i'm gonna just keep on lovin' him and babying him. lol ~Amy


  1. I actually have 2 favorite pets; Our cats Charlie and Lola. My wife and I got them at 10 weeks old from the Humane Societym as a wedding gift to ourselves shortly after getting married. They're brother and sister, and have a personality all their own.

    We'll start with Charlie. Charlie flushes the toilet (but looks at it every time like he doesn't know what happened), hides between the shower curtain and the plastic shower cover and bats at your leg, scaring the life out of you, knocks your contact lens holder cap off of the sink, and when you have a party, he'll go to each person to get attention. Charlie also likes to sit in the bathroom sink with the water on, until it fills up halfway; Then he realizes he's getting wet and runs away (He still hasn't figured this out).

    Lola is a bit smaller than Charlie, but has a heart twice as big. When you walk into a room, she'll lay on her side and meow at you until you rub her belly. She'll paw at your leg endlessly until you scratch her chin or play with her. She'll climb into bed if you sleep in and push her face into your ear (just to remind you that it's breakfast time).

    We often wonder what life would have been like if we had only gotten one or the other, but we're glad that we were able to give them a home.




  2. My favorite animal is my dog he is a long haired dachshund. He is black with brown around his face. I named him Mickey after Mickey mouse because I love Mickey Mouse. He waits for me to leave the room before he will go anywhere and if he does go outside he will come in the house and look straight for me. If I am in the bathroom he will sniff at the door and cry until I open it up. I am not sure I needed up with the little guy because I said we would not have a dog again and after 6 years I finally broke and I am sure glad that I did because he is such a joy to have around. Not sure if my husband thinks so because he has to share the bed with him.

  3. So lovely to meet Charlie, Lola and Mickey!

    I'm so enjoying the posts...I'll confess, I'm crazy about Ethel, and it's nice to find I'm not the only owner who loves their pet!

    Oh, and watch for Mickey Mouse posts this fall...we're heading back to Disney!


  4. Holly I am so excited for you going to Disney. I wished it was me but if it can't be I am glad to hear someome else gets to go there. We were planning the trip this year but as luck has it I have lost my job after 14 years they are closing my office here so I will be out doing the job hunting thing, I am not looking forward to that. Wish me luck
    Can't wait to see the all the Mickey posts

  5. Brenda,

    I'm so sorry about your job. Hope you find a better one, and are planning your own trip to DW soon!

    I'll be sure to send some Mickey posts. I did an interview for eHarlequin and they asked me where the most romantic place was...I said Disney! LOL My dh and I honeymooned there! (And if you're looking for other writers who are Disney fans, check out Crystal Green...I was in San Diego giving and talk, and the two of us met up and went to Disneyland...she's a fan, as well as being a heck of a writer!)


  6. I have a sweet Maltese, who is adorable, wise and is 5 years old. he sits on his windowsill everyday and watches the activity on the street. that is his job which he takes seriously. He is always looking at us and pondering things which we regard as a very special trait. Guido is a loveable and loyal dog whose personality is soft natured and lovely.