Tuesday, March 06, 2018

March Newsletter

A reader, Cindy Carlson, wrote this song for Briar Hill Road.  
There's a clip in the video...you can listen to the whole song here.


Every story I write comes from my heart, but some are closer to it than others.  Briar Hill Road is that.  We lost my mother-on-law to breast cancer, and all these years later, our family still feels her loss.  I used to joke with my husband that if he divorced me, he could keep the house and kids and I'd keep his mom.  LOL I wrote Briar Hill Road as an homage to one of the finest women I've ever known.  Yes, it's fiction, but it's fiction with a layer of truth in it...my truth.  I hope you'll check it out!

Lucky people are born into their families,
but some have to find them.

Hayden MacNulty found her "real" family a few houses down Briar Hill Road while trick-or-treating when she was eight. She fell a little in love with twelve-year-old Brian Conway that very night. Time and tragedy tests that love, but over the years Brian and Hayden discover that real love can weather the harshest storms and still bloom beautiful and strong. Hayden and Brian's story is at its heart a love story about family...about forgiveness…about acceptance...about life on Briar Hill Road.

A Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award Winner

"Holly Jacobs' The House on Briar Hill Road is extremely affecting and honest, and Brian and Hayden's complicated relationship is handled very well." --Catherine Witmer. Romantic Times

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I'm still blogging about going back to school...

Yes, I'm now in Ceramics II and still loving the experience.  I've been writing about My Novel Freshman Experience on my blog.  I love talking about how art and writing overlap.  Not just writing. Art impacts, enhances and alters our perspectives on life.  I've also added a new reoccurring series of blogs posts called Book Stories.  I talk about how different books came about, what inspired and helped craft them.  You can check out and follow my blog at Holly Jacobs'—Hollyworld.  

Yes, that's me.  

Erie had a record snowfall in December.  In addition to word-ing and clay-ing, I spent a lot of time shoveling. Erie is winning the Golden Snow Globe with 167 inches of snow this year.  Geesh!

I've got a busy few months coming up...

I'm heading to Philadelphia and Syracuse to speak, and I'm visiting a few more bookclubs around Erie.  Plus I'll be spending a lot of time this summer at our Cottage.  We've spend the last year renovating.  It's really coming together.  Check out my tour of the downstairs here.

There're are more books, more school adventures, more...well, glee coming up!  As always thanks for all your support!  I hope you'll check out Briar Hill Road.


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