Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Novel Freshman Experience, Part 14...Leave Room

Our second test today!!  I'm pretty sure I passed. Phew.

I keep talking about the similarities between art and writing.  My ceramics class just keeps hammering that home for me.  Our last project is going to be a narrative sculpture or teapot.  I thought mine was going to be a simple vace based on a line from Carry Her Heart...
"Maybe we all repeatedly curl up in a chrysalis and emerge as something else entirely."  I love that quote (which is cheeky to say since I wrote it LOL).  But more than that, I loved Pip's garden in both Carry Her Heart and in the third book in the series, Hold Her Heart.  It truly became a character for me. 

But here's the thing, I already know I'll go off script.  Heck, I've already gone off script.  I'll keep adding changes I didn't plan on, or skip features I thought I'd do.  That vase has turned into something else entirely.  Professor H. said he liked the concept, but the simple vase was too...well, simple.  So I thought I'd turn the vase into a tree...

But our other option for the project was a teapot and I realized my tree trunk had teapot qualities and now it's a...teapot. 

It's like that when I write a synopsis.  A friend asked me the other day I worked from a synopsis or flew by the seat of my pants.  My answer was...yes.  LOL  Yes, I do both.  Some books I stick to that initial script, but some take a left turn and lead me to uncharted and unplanned territory.  That's the fun of writing, finding an unexpected moment or path.  And for me, that's the fun of ceramics as well.  I have an idea, but I leave room for inspiration.  I leave room for the ceramic piece, like a book, to speak to me. 

I leave room.

I'm starting on the Hobbit Hole/Book Ceramic project this week...I'll post about it next week.  I thinking about the order of how I'm going to put it all together.  I know my skill level won't match my imagination, but I live in hope! LOL  

Carry Her Heart

Hold Her Heart
These Three Words

PS. All three Words of the Heart books are on sale, so you can read about Pip's garden for yourself.  Then let me know if the teapot fits the story.

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  1. I love this. Isn't it nice that we end up writing teapots and all is well!

    1. I know! LOL It seemed cheeky to use my own book. Originally I was going to try to do Tolkien's "The road goes ever on and on..." which fit with my Hobbit Hole dwelling project, but this idea nagged at me and wouldn't let go! I only hope my abilities will come close to my imagination! LOL