Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A list of Holly Jacobs' series in order!

Here's the thing...I write a lot of books that are tied.  I'm not sure why...I take that back, I do know why.  I love my characters and always want to know what's happened after I write the end.  If I write another book in the series, I can find out along with readers!  I've got a lot of series and lately I've had a lot of readers asking about them...so here's the series and the books in order!

Oh, the fairies!  These were some of my earliest books!  They're being released now.  The first three are out now, and Fairly Human will be out at the end of July!

Mad About Max
Magic for Joy
Miracles for Nick

Words of the Heart...
These are heartwarming, bigger stories.  I was using the tagline Romance+ to describe them!

Carry Her Heart's on sale in July!
These Three Words
Coming soon...
Hold Onto Her Heart

I had so much fun with this series!  I loved writing a middle aged heroine!

Maid in LA Mysteries

Spruce Up
Swept Up

I've had a lot of requests for a new Quincy book...and I've been mulling! I'll keep you posted!

Nana Vancy accidentally cursed her family to bad weddings...and spends the first three books trying to break the curse!
Everything But a Groom
Everything But a Bride

Everything But a Wedding.

After she's broken the curse she's bored...so she ttries her hand at matchmaking!

Everything But a Christmas Eve
Everything But a Mother

Everything But a Dog!

My dogs would be so annoyed if I didn't mention they were the cover models for Everything But a Dog...they're still waiting for the PUParazzi to hound them!  (Yeah, I know that was bad!)

They talk about Christmas in July. So maybe it wouldn't be so odd to start my Cupid Falls series this month!

Christmas in Cupid Falls
A Simple Heart: A Cupid Falls Novella

(There are a few more Cupid Falls books in the pipeline!)

Oh, I should have mentioned this series after Everything But...
When I heard that Montlake was rereleasing that series and WLVH Radio Series, I wrote a trilogy of short stories to bring them all together!

Nothing But Love
Nothing But Heart

Nothing But Luck

And speaking of WLVH Radio series...
Pickup Lines
Night Calls
Laugh Lines

And yes, I've heard that readers hate these covers. I liked Pickup Lines and Night Calls (which had a dog based on our dog at the time...a 200 lb Old English Mastiff) but I see your point on the other two.  Hopefully the stories are good enough to distract from the covers!  LOL

This series was one of my first! I set it on Erie, PA's very real Perry Square.  But then I went ahead and fictionalized the square and added new businesses!

Do You Hear What I Hear?
A Day Late and a Bride Short
Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow
Be My Baby
Once Upon a Princess
Once Upon Prince
Once Upon a King
Here With Me

I so loved Valley Ridge!  The first three books were a wedding trilogy.  The fourth was just because I loved it in VR and wasn't ready to say goodbye!
You Are Invited
April Showers
A Walk Down the Aisle
A Valley Ridge Christmas

And last but not least, Whedon PA.  This was a very special family...

Unexpected Gifts
A One-of-a-Kind Family
Homecoming Day
A Father's Name

Hope that helps you read the series in order!



  1. I love your books. It may sound strange but they feel like home. Will there be more released on Audible?

  2. Thank you so much, Ruthie! You've made my day!! And yes, I hope there will be more on Audible, but I don't have any specifics on which ones and when. There are six right now.

    If you want updates, you can sign up for my newsletter at http://www.hollyjacobs.com/newsletter.html Don't feel as if you have too. Otherwise, you can hit follow on Amazon...they do a pretty good job of sending out newsletters when something new is out!

    Really, thank you!!

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