Sunday, July 10, 2016

Because You 2

I was cleaning out papers (this year's project...shred all old, unnecessary documents, bills...) and found one of my very first rejection letters. The editor wrote, "You have a very real writing ability. Your style is engaging, your voice is distinctive, warm and humorous..." Then rejected the submission.

And it's one of my writing treasures. Even without the paper in my hand, I held onto those words. I'm pretty sure she never gave it a second thought. And even if she had, she couldn't have known how much this letter mean to me. She couldn't have known that when I was faced with other rejections, those two sentences helped me keep going.

I've told my "because you smiled" story before. Well, this one reinforces that you never know when a small gesture on your part will make a huge difference to someone else.  

So smile.  

Say kind and encouraging words.  

You could make all the difference in someone's life.


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