Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Fairy Resurgence!!!

When I first started writing, no one told me that Romantic Comedies with a goodly dose of fairy godmothers might be a tough sell. But I wrote the first three book anyway, and ImaJinn Books, a small publisher bought them. And readers found them. They seemed to enjoy Myrtle, Fern and Blossom...my rather inept, but loving, fairy godmothers! Which led to a number of fairy gifts...

Yes, fairies kept popping up in the mail over the years!

And here's how my love of sci fi led to this fantasy inspired my books! You see, I grew up reading Robert Heinlein. And in one of his books he theorized that well loved places/characters really exist. He sent his characters to Oz. And that story inspired me to bring Grace's fairies to life. You see, she wrote a series of bestselling fairy romances...and the fairies have come to life to give their author/goddaughter her very own HEA!

Mad About Max, Magic For Joy, Miracles For Nick are out now...and the fairy finale will be out next month!!
Available at:
Apple Books

Hope you have a magical time!!


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