Monday, August 15, 2016


I spent a week recently at the beach.  I'll confess, living on the shore of Lake Erie, I get to go to the beach a lot.  It's a perk.  And our beach here has inspired so many of my books.  Including my most recent ebook release, Same Time Next Summer.  I loved the idea of summer friends...who become so much more to each other. Keri Noble's Piece of my Heart really sums up the story for me.  The wistfulness of it all.  Beaches, summer friends...romance.  This book spoke to me as I wrote it.  It was one of the first Romance+ stories I did.  After years of writing comedies and sweet romances, it was a new stretch to look at a different type of story.  A different type of romance.

A summer kind of love!

We had a great week on the beach.  I read, I wrote, I ate a lot and I hung out with some of my favorite people on earth!

Now my vacation is over.  Summer is winding down here.  I heard my first geese of the season the other morning.  For me, that's always a sign that fall is on the horizon!  But I think we have time for a few more beach reads this year!  If not the beach, then a vacation read.

Did you go, or are you going, on vacation?


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