Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Releases! Well, Old Releases! New Old Releases!

Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes
Bosom Buddies

Yes, that's releaseS with an S!  I'm so excited that both of these stories are coming out again!

I started writing in the late '90s.  I still had a toddler at home, and older kids...  Life was busy.  I called those early years of writing my vampire years.  The only time I could write was after the kids fell asleep.  I'd write until I couldn't stay awake any longer. 

I knew I wanted to comedy and was thrilled when I sold to Kensington's Precious Gem line!  These are two of the earliest.  Kensington changed the titles when they were first released.  Bosom Buddies was Be My Baby, and Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes to Side by Side.  I liked mine better.  So last year, when I decided to indie publish them as Holly Jacobs Classics, I went back to the original working titles.  I thought they fit the stories better.

After I sold these early books to Kensington, I went on to write for a number of Harlequin lines, for Silhouette Romance and for Avalon books and finally, for Montlake Romance.  When Montlake asked to republish Bosom Buddies and Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes, I said yes.  I love working with the entire team there!

I wrote these earliest stories with more enthusiasm than anything else.  They were written late at night, in a quiet house (the only time my house was every quiet was late at night back then!).  I'd grown up reading and was so nervous and thrilled to find I could put a story together.  Through the years between then and now, my writing has grown, but I still love these early works. 

So before you order the books, check your shelves, both physical and eBook shelves!   And I hope when you read them you see shades of the writer I've become in them.  

As always, thank you for your support!!  I'm so lucky to have so many readers who have been with me since I wrote these books!  Really, thank you! 


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