Saturday, August 22, 2015

August Releases!

I've always been a fan of August, but this August is extra-special! I have a new release, 

Good can come out of bad 
If it wasn't for the tragic accident ten years earlier, Audrey Smith might never have taken in the three foster kids she loves so dearly. And if it wasn't for the new addition to her home—a troubled teenage thief—she wouldn't be fantasizing about Sawyer Williams. 
Make no mistake—Sawyer's the victim here. He's the one who was robbed by Audrey's daughter. But teaching the teen a lesson rather than punishing her makes Sawyer a superhero in Audrey's eyes. Someone who can forgive and forget… That is until another break-in rocks their community, threatening Audrey's family and her future with Sawyer.

And two of my older books—oldest books—were rereleased as eBooks!  I hope readers enjoy a glimpse of where I started my writing career!  

Nurse Allie McGraw can’t ignore the cry of a baby in need. And if the noise coming from the upstairs apartment is any indication, then the baby’s temporary guardian—Allie’s attractive neighbor—could also use a break. While Ian Ryan may be a computer guru, his borrowed bundle of joy is clearly giving him a run for his money. Allie agrees to lend Ian a hand, but that’s all she can spare. After a recent rough patch, her heart is off-limits.
Ian lives in a complication-free zone…or at least he did until he found himself caring for his tiny niece. With a baby on board, his life has taken a new turn—one that includes a cute, caring nurse. Allie’s the first woman to make him crave more than just a temporary fling. Now that Ian’s finally ready to take a chance on love, can he convince Allie to take a chance on him?
This novella was previously published as Baby, It’s You. It is one of the first stories Holly Jacobs ever wrote. 

Forget glass slippers—this runaway bride’s practical shoes lead her straight to a prince.
Thanking her lucky stars that she wore comfortable shoes, Charlotte “Charlie” Eaton dashes out of her wedding, leaving behind her controlling mother’s choice of groom, high society’s stifling expectations, and, unfortunately, her purse. But the stars align in her favor yet again when a knight in a shiny truck rides to her rescue. Just when she’s ready to give up on a fairy-tale kind of love, could she have found her Prince Charming?
After surviving a rocky childhood, Dan Martin has created his own happily-ever-after. The owner of a fast-growing shipping company, he’s content with his comfortable life. The one thing he doesn’t need? Trouble. And that’s exactly what the hitchhiker in head-to-almost-toe bridal wear represents: trouble with a capital T. But when Charlie flashes her sparkling green eyes at Dan, he’s already a goner. Together, can a bride running away from her nightmare wedding and a man running from his nightmare past make their happiest dreams come true?
This novella was previously published as Cinderella Wore Tennis Shoes and Side by Side. It is one of the first stories the author ever wrote.

Thanks so much everyone for the support!  Like I said, I've always liked August, but this one is particularly nice!!!


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