Friday, August 02, 2013

Friends' Friday #4

I'm glad you all are enjoying these posts!  For those who've missed the first three, they're here: One, Two and Three.  To recap, I put friends' names in a hat, and picked out groups of five.  So here's your fourth batch (wow, a month already).  Some I'm sure you've read, and maybe a few are new-to-you!  That's good...I love introducing my friends around!

Colleen Collins is a woman of many talents.  Not only is she a heck of a writer, she's a detective.  If you read my new book, Steamed: A Maid in LA Mystery, you saw Colleen's name.  Quincy's new teacher, Dick Macy used Colleen's (and Shaun Kaufman's) book, How to Write a Dick as his text.  They even gave him a quote!

I love talking to Cindi Myers about her projects.  She loves dogs and skiing, and when she built a house, I had so much fun following its progress.  Yeah, you all know I'm a renovation it was my kind of fun!

Gwyneth Atlee/Colleen Thompson.  You noted the two names.  Yeah, Colleen is one of my dual personality friends! But no matter what name she's using, she's a sweet lady and a heck of a writer!  I think of her whenever I have a margarita!

Now, if you've been following my Friends' Fridays, you met Kate Walker in week two.  Here's something you might not know. Kate, my friend, Donna Alward are my twins.  Three twins.  Three twins who are different ages and from different countries (I'm US, Donna's Canadian and Kate's English).  We spent a conference a few years ago trying to explain our three twinned-ness to other people.  Here's the thing, it doesn't matter they all gave us the you're-crazy looks.  We're writers, so we've all got that look before.  But when you find people who are kindred spirits, you claim them.  Donna is definitely that!

Jade Lee/Katherine Greyle is another dual personality friends. And she's also one of those friends who I know, within minutes of meeting up, will have me cracking up!  She also introduced me to Jim Butcher's books.  I think of her every time I read one of his Harry Dresden books (I should mention, I think of her whenever I read her books, too! LOL)  That's the mark of a good friend...they can figure out what you'll like and point you in the right direction.

I hope that's what these Friday posts are doing for all of you!


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