Friday, August 30, 2013

Friends' Friday #7

Thanks everyone who follows Friends' Fridays! I hope you're TBR pile is growing rapidly!  Here are weeks OneTwoThree FourFive  and Six in case you missed them.  Hope you find a new-to-you author this week!

Julie Cohen is such a sweetheart! Her books are funny, flirty, sexy and sweet...quite the combo!

I've known Cathy McDavid since I first started writing.  She's a dear friend, and a great writer!

I love the dog on this now you all know I adore dogs.  And speaking of adoring, Margaret Daley and her books are pretty adorable, too!

When I think about Beth Cornelison I think about laughter.  She's a sweet lady and a heck of a writer!

Linda Warren is always a welcome sight at a conference...or online! And her books are always a welcome sight on a bookshelf!

That's it for this week!  If you're in the States, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! If you're not...have a nice weekend, too!


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