Friday, August 23, 2013

Friends' Friday #6

Sorry I missed last week's Friends' Friday! We were in Blue Mountain, Ontario. I climbed the mountain...and survived.  It was a near thing! LOL  I got home and went to work cleaning up the sequel to Steamed: A Maid in LA Mystery, Dusted (I'm posting the cover here...I'm so jazzed with it!). Yes, Quincy Mac is back with another investigation and I'm having so much fun with this second book!  Thanks to everyone who's picked up a copy of Steamed and sent me a note, or posted a review!

So here we go...back to Friends' Fridays.  Here are weeks OneTwoThree Four and Five in case you missed them.  Hope you find a new-to-you author this week!

When I get together with Shirley Jump, there's always a lot of laughter.  She's a sweet lady and her books reflect that!

I had a chance to work with Winnie Griggs on a writing group's board. I'm not sure how she juggled work, her writing and the board's work, but she did it brilliantly.  She's such a talented, hardworking lady!

Talking about Judith Arnold is fun because her books rock, but talking to her is even more fun! And reading her books?? The most fun of all!

Jeannie Watt doesn't just write about cowboys and ranches, she lives in a Nevada ranching community.  She's definitely takes the writing advice, 'write what you know' to heart!

I wrote two Duets with Bonnie Tucker. Our stories were separate, but tied.  I can't tell you how much fun it was to work with a friend. I met Bonnie at my first writing conference and we've been friends ever since!

I hope you find a new-to-you author this week!  Thanks to everyone who's dropped me a note saying how much you're enjoying my Friends' Fridays.  I still have plenty of friends to go, so stay tuned!


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