Friday, July 26, 2013

Friends' Friday #3

Wow, we've hit week three of my Friends' Fridays.  I hope you're enjoying them.  In case you're new to Friends' Friday, I put a bunch of friends' names in a hat, and picked out groups of five.  So here's your third batch.  Here are links in case you missed week one and two.  I hope you find some new-to-you writers!

I met Isabel Sharpe when I sold to Harlequin Duets.  She sent me a lovely note and has been a friend ever since!  She's got a huge's no wonder she writes romance!  Whenever I'm looking for foodie info, she's my go-to resource.  I'm a good basic cook, but she's simply amazing!

Samantha Hunter has been an online friend for a while now.  She hangs out in Harlequin's online community and we got to know each other there, but soon became even better friends.  We've hung out in person at a conference, and once when Susan Gable (another Erie writer) and I roadtripped to Syracuse to speak.  The three of us went out to lunch together and my memory of the day is...laughter.  Lots of laughter.  I love talking gardening and renovation with Sam! And one day soon, she's coming to Erie to do some antiquing with me!

I know I've been talking about fiction books here, and Susan Gable writes fabulous, heartrending romance, but she's got a new book out for writers.  It's definitely a must-have for your library.  I met Susan shortly after I sold to Harlequin.  You see, I decided to go to RWA's conference and hitched a ride with Susan to Washington DC.  That one roadtrip solidified our friendship.  We've taken a bunch of trips since and roomed together a lot...she's a wonderful friend!

Catherine Mann decided there's a chance her husband and I are psychic siblings. She seems to feel
when we're together we get in trouble.  I have no idea where she gets that idea???!!!  You all know me, I never get into mischief!  Here's the thing, I would love if I really were related to the Mann Clan...they are one of the sweetest families around.  I'm so glad I get to be a shirttail psychic relative.

When I pulled Charlotte Carter's name from the hat, I had tears in my eyes.  Char passed away recently and the romance community joined with her friends and family in mourning her loss.  Char was a woman who loved her family...and that love showed through in everything she did.  She wrote wonderful stories.  Hey, she even did stand-up.  She was...well, she was simply amazing.  And I'm so honored that she was a friend.  She has a book out now.  I hope you check it out.

Keep an eye out next week for my next Friends' Friday post!  Hope you have a great week in the meantime!


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