Monday, July 01, 2013

How people talking in your head can sometimes be a good thing!

Steamed: A Maid in LA  Mystery

Every now and again, a character is born and it doesn't matter if you have time to write their story.  It doesn't matter if you have a publisher in mind.  It simply doesn't matter.  That character pesters you and nudges you until you finally give in and write their story.

Quincy Mac was that kind of character for me.

I tried to explain that I had contracts and due dates—she didn't care.  I tried to explain that I write romance—she said, "Okay, so give me a romance."  I tried to explain that I don't know anything about the mystery genre—she said, "So just write my story. Don't worry about the genre "rules," just write my story."

So, I did.

Steamed isn't really a romance.  It isn't really a mystery.  It's Quincy's story.  Who is Quincy?  She's a mother first and foremost.  She came to LA from Erie, PA (where else? LOL) with dreams of fortune and fame.  Instead she got married and had three sons, all one year apart.  Then she got divorced and she started a cleaning service with her best friend, Tiny.  Yes, being a maid might not be as glamorous as an award winning actress, but Quincy's built a wonderful life.  

Until... (Come on, you know there had to be an until!)
 the day she accidentally cleans a murder scene and a particularly hunky cop questions her.  Now, most people, even if they accidentally cleaned not only the murder scene, but the murder weapon, would sit back and let the cops figure out who the real murderer is.  But not Quincy. You see, she has an uncle who was wrongly accused of a crime and he spent two years in jail before the cops figured out he was innocent.

Quincy can't go to jail.  She has three boys to raise. She's going to be maid-of-honor in her best friend's wedding. And she's absolutely sure she's not someone who's meant to have a tattoo.  

So, she's on the scene.

I wrote her story on weekends around other contract and I'm thrilled to finally send her out in the world.  I hope you'll check out her story!  It's available on Amazon right now, and will hopefully be out sometime soon on other eBook platforms!


PS It's free today!


  1. Heading to Amazon

  2. JV, Thanks so much!! I hope you like it!!