Tuesday, May 15, 2007

HERE WITH ME (my last Silhouette Romance ever...sigh) won the Colorado Award of Excellence! Just got the call and I'm still Snoopy Dancing.

Here's the thing, writing is very solitary. Sometimes you hear from readers, which is always lovely, but most days, you hang out by yourself, with just those characters in your head for company (well, and Ethel Merman! LOL). It's nice to get some positive feedback.
Maybe I'll celebrate today. It's beautiful here in PA. Must be near eighty, but it's windy enough not to be too hot. Still, it's perfect ice cream weather! That's the perfect celebration. Have I mentioned Blue Moon ice cream here? There's this little ice cream store on Parade Street here in Erie. It makes this neon blue ice cream. I've never totally identified the flavor. Think fruity mixed with sweet tarts! If you're ever in town, do head down Parade Street and try a cone. We like to take ours a few more blocks to the dock. There's something so nice about walking along the bayfront, watching the boats, and the sun sink behind the peninsula on the other side of the bay!
Wishing you all your own Snoopy Dances, and some ice cream!

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